1. Editing icons do not show up
Reason: Because of the icon system → Solution: Change DNS to

2. Product color doesn't change
Reason 1: Color hex in Product Variant is missing → Solution: Fill in color hex as in provider's instruction. Color hex must have "#"
Reason 2: The Product image is not transparent → Solution: Create a transparent mockup image

3. Perspective feature doesn't work properly
Reason: Mockup image is too large → Solution: Resize the mockup image to below 800x800px

4. Can't delete product
Reason: The product is in use in a campaign
Step 1: Remove product in campaign
Step 2: Delete product in Product Base

5. Can't upload/save mockup
Reason: The mockup image size exceeds 1000 x 1000px and 64MB → Solution: Resize the image using tinyjpg.com or tinypng.com

6. Variants that have been marked "Unavailable" still show up on storefront
Reason: Due to cache
Step 1: Go to Campaign
Step 2: Edit Product
Step 3: Save variants and close
Step 4: Update campaign

7. Variants' position show up wrongly on storefront
Reason: Due to cache → Solution: Click Re-order Variants
Learn how to re-order variants here

8. Duplicate product description on storefront
Reason: There're 2 descriptions: Shopify description & app description.
Step 1: Go to Extras
Step2: Product Page Settings
Step 3: Hide App Product Description
Step 4: Update Campaign
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