On Orders list, click on Order number or View button (eye icon) to go to Order details.

View details

On the left is the details of the order item. On the right is the Customer information.
Order number: The first one is Order ID in Shopify. The one in ( ) is order ID in app data.

Navigation Arrows: Go to Previous/Next order.

Order Items (number): show number of items in this order.

Export button: to export this order to CSV (in General template).

Confirm & Send to fulfill button: Directly send order to Picanova.
Read: Send orders to Picanova.

Edit order button: edit Shipping address and note. It will update changes to order in Shopify.

Campaign: click to go to campaign details

Variant details: the variant customer selected

Shopify fulfillment status: the status of order in Shopify

Price & quantity:

Edit customization

View customization: Show personalized options that has been chosen by customer.

Edit customization: Show the personalization form to re-select options.

Click "Save" to save the new customization.
And click "Re-generate" button to update new changes to the order design.

You cannot edit orders that are sent to fulfillment.

Order design

Artwork name:

Printarea key and size (width - height): Click to edit if necessary. After editing a printarea size, you should click "Re-generate" button to render the artwork in the new print-area size.

Download button: Click to open design url in a new tab.

Re-generate design button: Refresh to update the latest changes when editing customization, editing artwork or printarea.

Upload custom design: in case you need to re-design order in photoshop, then you can replace the new design by 2 ways:
- Upload design file directly from computer (the image will be uploaded to our app's server)
- Or, Upload from image URL (recommended since our server is limited file size to 64MB)

You can upload your image to Shopify Settings / Files to get the image URL.

Confirm & Send to fulfill: Directly send order to Picanova.
Read: Send orders to Fulfillment providers.
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