Product Base is a print-on-demand (POD) product provided by Picanova, which you will use to add your design to in Campaign.

Import product
Allows you to look up and one-click import a product base from Picanova, including all data such as mockup, variants...
Click on Import Product button. A popup will show up for you to choose products to import.
Use the Search bar to search for a product name
Hit Import button to add a product to your account.

If you send orders directly from app to Picanova, it is best to import products. Because all the required information to send to fulfill will be correct, including Catalog ID, SKU, Variants... After importing product, you can edit some information to match your selling. Please read the "Edit product info" instruction below to learn more.

Add product manually
If a product you need is not available to import, you can click on New product button add your product base manually.
You will need to fill in all the required information, including name, mockup, variants... Please read the "Edit product info" instruction below to learn more.

Edit product info

Product Title
Name of this product base.
For imported product, its default name is provided by Picanova.
This name will appear in the "Available Products" option on storefront (if you sell more than one product in a campaign). But you can change the product name in a campaign later.

Fulfillment Provider
Default is Picanova.

Fulfillment Catalog ID
The ID of the this product in provider's catalog.
This field will be used to send the correct product base to Picanova later. So you should find the correct product ID in Picanova's catalog.

Write a description for this product.
It will be updated to the product description of all campaigns using this product.

It will override the existing product description in Shopify. Therefore, you can leave the description blank in Product Base if you want to use Shopify's product description.

Advanced Options for description: use for some products requiring extra options. Read more at: Setup Picaonva required options.

For detailed instruction, please read this article: Mockup of Product Base

For detailed instruction, please read this article: Printarea of Product Base

Campaigns that used this product
A list of campaigns that use this product base will appear in this section. So you can quickly update all campaigns if you make a changes in this product base.

For detailed instruction, please read this article: Variants of Product Base
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