To globally edit app's product page, go to Extras > Product Detail Page Settings.

In this page, the left side column is where you can choose to show/hide some features and restyle product page, while the right side column is where you can manually translate some labels within product page.

Changes from this page will apply on store in 1-4 hours, it does not update immediately.

Show/hide features


Choose to hide price, compared price or saving amount.

Product options:

Hide option if there's only one value: Works for Color and Size if there's only one option to choose.

Form actions:

Hide Quantity input:

Hide "Add to cart" button or "Buy now" button
Need to show one of 2 buttons in order to checkout.

Show "Confirmation box": customers are required to check the box in order to add to cart.

Choose Action for "Add to cart" button to Show response message
or Redirect straight to Cart page.

Design & Preview:

Disable Gallery (live preview): use original gallery from Shopify theme instead. If disabled, it won't update customer's options in real-time, and also not sticky when scrolling down.

Choose display method for thumbnails carousel: Static (not update customer's options), Live Preview (update same as main gallery, but causes heavy load), Hide carousel (hide the thumbnail completely).

Hide Preview button

Preview artwork only: When enabled, it shows only artworks in popup preview. If disabled, it shows entire gallery with mockups.

Show Close text: Recommend to enable because the X button on top might be cut off on some screens.


Enable "Personalize" button on mobile: The "Personalize" button appears at the bottom of screen when the personalization form is not on the screen yet.

Click on it will scroll down to personalization form.

Hide gallery navigation button on mobile: Customers can swipe to change image.

Disable sticky buttons: Customers will need to scroll to the bottom of the personalization form to see the Preview & Add to cart button.


Display clipart name on store: Show clipart name when customers hover on a clipart

Hide product description by app: Hide the product description taken from product base. You can use the description section of your theme instead.


Styling color of label and button of product page with color hex picker.


Manually input your translated text to translate your product page to right language.
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