Currently, our app can only support artwork size with maximum of 12.000x12.000 pixel (recommend 8000x8000px).

In case you need a size bigger than that, you can create artwork in a smaller size (eg. 5000x5000px) for preview purpose.

When having orders, the design generated in app will just be a demo for you to know what customers selected, and you will have to manually re-design the order in the original size in Photoshop. After re-designing, you can upload the final design to the app again to send to fulfillment.

To re-upload order design, go to Order Details and click on Upload button under each design.

You can upload the new design in 2 ways:
Upload design file directly from computer (the image will be uploaded to our app's server)
Or, Upload from image URL (recommended since our server is limited file size to 32MB)

You can upload edited artwork on Shopify settings / Files to get an URL for the uploaded image.
After finishing, you can normally send orders to Picanova.
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