Category Display Settings
There are 03 ways to display a clipart category:
Thumbnail Images (by default)
Dropdown Clipart Name
Inline Radio Button
You can switch these options in a clipart category:

Remember to click "Save" after switching.

Thumbnail Images
Cliparts in this category will display as list of images, same as what you see in app.

If you set colors for each clipart, the thumbnail will show as colors instead of images.

Dropdown Clipart Name
Cliparts in this category will display as list of clipart name (text), in a dropdown option.

Dropdown shown on storefront

Inline Radio Button
Cliparts in this category will display as button of clipart name (text).

Radio button shown on storefront

You can edit name of each clipart in Clipart page:

Learn more: Upload and edit Cliparts

Thumbnail Settings
To protect your cliparts, we only show a small size of cliparts on store. This will prevent competitors from stealing original cliparts on your store.

This will NOT affect the final design in customer's order.

You can limit the maximum size of clipart thumbnail in Thumbnail settings:

It will change the size of:
Clipart thumbnails in Personalization Form
Cliparts show in Preview (when customer selects a clipart)

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