What is Additional Options?

Additional option is used when you add an extra level of selection before letting your customer to choose the official layer image on storefront. Since our app only supports 2 level of clipart categories, you would need to use additional option for other extra levels.

For example: You want customer to choose Hair color before Hairstyle. So you need to allow them to add an additional selection of hair color first, then the hairstyles.

Additional option won't be rendered in final design since it's only an extra selection before the personalization option.

Create an option category

From Dashboard, go to Assets ➡ Additional Option
Click on the button "New Category" ➡ Enter the name for option category, then click "Create"

Start creating new option by enter name of option ➡ click "Add new" to confirm and save new option

Additional option will support only one level of category.

Edit option in category

To edit option name: double click on the name text to open editing field
To add thumbnail for option (optional): click on the square box with icon upload, then add image as thumbnail
To add color for option (optional): click on the little transparent square on the left of thumbnail uploading box, then choose color for color swatches

To re-order option: click on the icon on the left of option name, then drag and drop to re-order
To delete option: click on the icon "X" on the right of thumbnail uploading box

Display methods of additional option

To choose a display method for your option category, select an display method ➡ click "Save" to update display settings.

There are 3 ways to display additional options on storefront:

1. Thumbnail images

Option will be shown according to the uploaded thumbnail image on storefront.

Option displayed as Thumbnails on storefront

If you set color for option, thumbnail image will be replaced as color swatches.

Option displayed as Color Swatches on storefront

Color swatches display will be suitable for option like Skin color as well.

2. Dropdown option name

Option will be shown as a dropdown list according to name on storefront.

Option displayed as Dropdown list on storefront

You can modify the placeholder text of dropdown to instruct your customer better:

3. Inline radio button

Option will be shown as button in rectangle shape according to name on storefront.

Option displayed as Radio button on storefront

Add additional option in artwork

Read more about adding additional options in artwork at: Add Additional option in artwork
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