1. Can't publish campaign

Reason 1: Artwork hasn't been selected → Solution: Select an appropriate artwork
Reason 2: Artwork contains invalid elements → Solution: Go to Artwork Editor > Check the Font Family and Clipart Category to see whether they have been deleted or left empty > Update a new font and clipart
Reason 3: Product's variant is missing → Solution: Go to Product Base > Add at least 1 variant
Reason 4: Too many products and mockup images in one campaign → Solution: Add no more than 4 products in one campaign

2. Can't delete campaign

Reason: The product is still linked in Shopify
Step 1: Click Open Campaign
Step 2: Unlink Product From Shopify
Step 3: Delete Campaign

Learn more about how to archive/delete campaign here

3. Do not show up enough product variants

Reason: Error when syncing data to Shopify
Step 1: Click to edit Product in Campaign
Step 2: Unselect 1 variant
Step 3: Reselect that variant
Step 4: Save variants and close
Step 5: Update campaign

4. No Preview Image

Reason: Missing printarea
Step 1: Go to Mockup Editor in Campaign
Step 2: Add Printarea
Step 3: Update Campaign

5. Duplicate Artwork Layer

Reason: Missing Default Value in Artwork Editor
Step 1: Go to Artwork Editor
Step 2: Click on Advanced Option (in the duplicated layer)
Step 3: De-select the Default Value
Step 4: Re-select Default Value with a particular clipart

6. Some artwork layers don't show up

Reason: The layers are set to appear only when another layer is chosen
Step 1: Go to Artwork Editor
​Step 2: Check if you select this layer as conditional to another layer (this is a feature, not an error)

Learn more about Condition for Layer here
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