On storefront, artwork will not be previewed in original size, but will be rendered in a limited size.

According to our analytics, there are more than 95% of customers coming from Mobile devices.
The original size of a layer (uploaded by the sellers) caused a heavy load on the storefront.

Mobile users usually require a fast-loading web, and small images can display well on mobile devices.
Therefore, our app will render all layers in an artwork in a limited size on storefront to improve app performance on mobile.

Does that affect the customer's order?
No - It will NOT affect the customer's order.
It only applies to the preview on artwork editor and on storefront.

How layer's size on preview will be changed?
First, you need to set a Limit max-width option in Advanced Settings

Then, the preview size of layer will be calculated based on the Limit max-width option above and the Artwork size (in Artwork editor).

Here is the formula:
Layer's preview size = Layer's original size x Limit max-width size / Artwork size (Maximum resized size = limit max-width option. Minimum resized size = 100px)
Imagine you have an artwork for T-shirt with size: 4050x4650. In that artwork, you add a full-size background, a dog layer and a wing layer.
And you set the limit max-width option is: 600px.

Then on storefront:
The background layer (original size = artwork size) will be generated as the limit max-width size = 600px.
The dog layer (original size = 1500px) will be generated as 1500x600/4050 = 222px
The wing layer (original size = 500px) will be generated as 500x600/4500 = 66px (but it will be resized at min 100px)
Maximum size = your setting or 600px by default
Minimum size = 100px

Re-generate Layers
After changing the Limit max width option in Advanced Settings, you can go to Artwork editor and click on Re-generate layers button to re-render your layers in the new size.

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