To add a text to your artwork, click on the "Add text" button next to "Upload Artwork" button.

If you upload a PSD file, our app cannot recognize text layers and will turn all text into images, so you cannot customize or make the text personalizable. You need to use the "Add text" feature in app to add customizable text.

Text Options

Currently our app only supports center-alignment for text.

Preview text
Add a default text for this layer.
Eg. a name for a woman, a text decoration...

This doesn't change the text layer's name. To change the text layer's name, just double click on the layer name.

Text color
Change the default color of this text.

Please read the article: About Fonts for more details.

Allow Personalized
Enable "Allow personalized" toggle to allow your customer to make custom changes with that text.
After enabled, there will be an input field on personalization form on storefront to add custom text.

Show the label of the text field on storefront.
Eg. Woman's name, Dog's name...

Placeholder Text
Temporary text showed on input field as guidelines.
Eg. Type your name here

Text character limit
Set limit of number of characters. This prevents too long text or overlapping.

Mark as required
Enable this option if it's a mandatory field to place order.

Align text
Choose alignment for your text input.

Auto scale when text is too long
Set a limit for text frame-width. It will help to scale text size when text is long and reach the frame-width limit.
For short text like names, we suggest that you set the max-width for text frame equal to 500 - 600 px.

Stroke Text
You can add stroke effect to your text via this setting.

And this the the results on your Storefront:

Background Text
You can also set a background effect for the custom text fields

And this is the results on your Storefront:

You can always enable both settings at the same time.

Add toggle to show/hide
Same as the option in Layer options. Learn more.

Advanced Option

Add Condition
For detailed instruction, read this article: Add Condition for Layer

Custom class
This field is only used for extra styling. Require CSS knowledge.
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