What is Condition for Layer
You can set a dependency for a layer to show up only when another layer meets a condition.
I.e. Layer "B" and its personalization option can only appear if customer selects a specific option in layer "A".

How it works
Let's take a look at this example for better understand:
Layer A named "Hand" sets "Personalize with 01 clipart category" and allows to change between "hold-drink" hand or "v-hand".

Layer B named "Drink" sets "Personalize with 01 clipart category", allows to personalize between different drink types.

If you want the "Drink" option only shows up when customers choose the Hand layer as "Hold drink", not "V-hand", then you need to set condition for "Drink" option:
+ Click on "Drink" layer
+ On Layers option panel, scroll down and click on Advanced Options +
+ In the "Add condition on:" option, select the layer option ("Hand") which this layer ("Drink") depends on
+ Select the value "Hold drink" to show the "Drink" option

Also, if you need to show your layer Drink without customer choosing dependency layer when they visit your product page for the first time, you can show dependency layer at first-time loading page by enabling "Show option as default".

See and check result on live store:

Condition also works for option "Personalize with a group of categories". For group of clipart categories, you can choose to depend on multiple sub-categories.
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